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Reduce your energy bill with House Window Tinting

Are you sweating your electric bill each month? We are in the heat of the summer and there is no denying that your AC unit is working overtime to keep it cool. Lets give it a little help and help moderate the temperature in your house with window film. Window Film has been proven to be a very energy efficient product to use as a standalone strategy or in combination with other energy saving initiatives.

Tinting your house windows will reduce the overall solar energy coming through your windows by up to 80% and as an added bonus, will all but eliminate the incoming UVA and UVB rays.

Typically ROI (Return on Investment) for window film has been shown to complete in just 2-3 years. That means that it will literally pay for itself, in the energy savings throughout the year.

Black Diamond Tint is one of the leading window film companies in the Lehigh Valley and with our extensive film selection and flexible installation schedule, we are sure to be able to accommodate any need you have.

Lets let that AC breathe a little this summer, and keep a little extra in your wallet at the same time!

For a free no hassle, in home consultation, give us a call at 570-527-6962 or through email at

We service the Lehigh Valley PA from Allentown, to Macungie, to Quakertown and beyond. We specialize in residential applications and offer best in class warranty's with LIFETIME residential warranties. Whether you have problems in your main home, vacation home, rental, or any other type of property, we have a film for you!


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