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Using window films to control UV Fading

Are you noticing that certain areas in your home, more exposed to sunlight, are suffering from fading? Flooring, fabrics and furnishings are all vulnerable to fading without proper protection from UV Rays.

In fact, ultraviolet (UV) rays are the single largest contributor to the fading of home furnishings and flooring.

So how can you help protect your home from this UV degradation?

window film applied for fade control

Window film offers a long-lasting solution for your home that helps provide round-the-clock protection against fading and damage. Your furnishings and flooring will last longer, look better and will save you money in replacements in the future.

Window film is a cost effective solution that doesn’t need constant reapplication. It allows for natural light to come through, which means your view remains unobstructed, while still protecting your furnishings and flooring. You’ve invested a lot into your home and furnishings; don’t let UV light damage it.

Call us today and let us show you how we can make window film work for you and your home. We can be reach directly at 570-527-6962 or through our free quote tool!

We proudly service all of the Lehigh Valley such as Macungie, Alburtis, Bethlehem, Allentown, Quakertown, Fogelsville, Bath, Northampton, Wind Gap, Easton, Coopersburg and beyond!

We are the Lehigh Valley's Authorized Panorama Window Films Dealer, a Solar Gard and Saint Gobain Company. We offer LIFETIME residential window film installations and free no hassle estimates!

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